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Using this beautifully simple, and profoundly powerful, technique you go straight to the source of deeply rooted traumas, stuck emotions and dis-empowering patterns that can replicate throughout your lives. By harnessing the power of your mind, inner vision, and emotion you can transform any overgrown Soul Garden into one of resplendent magnificence and transform your life for the better!

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Benefits of Exploring Your Soul Garden

Soul Garden Alchemy holds an infinite number of potential benefits that will be as unique as the individual participating

The Discovery of the Soul Garden

Soul Garden Alchemy : A Journey Rooted in Love

The year was 2013 when Ima Rose first discovered her Soul Garden. the Journey to her Soul Garden had begun with soul disappointment, grief, guilt, abandonment, rejection, fear and heart break.

   It was a crisp autumn morning in the Californian mountains and Ima had just gotten off the phone with her lover. He had just informed her that he had chosen to explore a monogamous love relationship with another woman. Pregnant and alone, Ima felt a rush of anguish as the pain of grief ripped through her heart like lightning triggering the memories of lifetimes of unrequited love and loss. The wound ran deep. Retreating to the outdoor shower overlooking the forest she stepped under the steaming hot water, allowing the water to rush over her, rinsing away the acute sadness and allowing her to clear her head. She breathed deep into grounding and invoked...



"Dear Universal Source God/Goddess Creator and all my guides, I Call upon the 4 winds of change, the 5 elements and the 7 directions to ask for healing for my highest benefit, for everything I am consciously or unconsciously aware of in my morphogenetic, epigenetic, cellular and DNA levels.. throughout all timelines, incarnations and dimensions. I ask that the Divine Specialist of whatever I need work with me and all other beings of light, love and healing benevolence are welcome.. . . Thank you!"




Ima closed her eyes and was immediately shifted to her inner vision. From her chest, growing from the pain held in her heart, was an invasive and thorny plant. It's roots ran deep and connected to every other timeline, incarnation or dimension where these same signatures existed, all the way back to her first experience of heartache, the seeding of these patterns. She grabbed the base of the plant and tried to pull it loose, but it was rooted deep and hurt as she pulled. She thought of all the lessons she had learned as a result of these experiences and released into gratitude. As she did, the roots began to relax and release from the soils and she was able to pull up the plant gracefully gathering the roots into her hands. Unsure of what to do next, she remembered a dream she had the year before in which she planted two seeds, one she simply planted, the other she planted with a kiss and loving whispers. In the dream the second flower sprouted right away, and when she blessed it again it grew and bloomed into a giant sunflower.

   She applied this theory and began to bless the roots with love, forgiveness, connectivity, joy, gratitude, intimacy, bliss, trust and all the other harmonic codes and experiences of love she wished to cultivate. When the roots were saturated, Ima re-planted them and viscerally felt as they carried the medicine and she transformed.

Photo by Opal Michel Photography | Click the Photo for Ima Rose's Bio



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